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A recipe

Hi again,   I wrote this post and when I went to upload it…poof, it vanished into the neverland that is is web-space so here it is again but minus all the witty and amazing things I said the first time.

I have about 7 or so weeks left of this pregnancy.   It’s been rough.  I had WEEKS of morning sickness, followed by insomnia, followed by intense hip pain and all wrapped up in a cute bow I like to call reflux.   My hubby told me the other morning when I was bemoaning getting out of bed ‘I know you didn’t sleep well, you tossed and moaned all night’.   Poor man-he isn’t getting any sleep either.

So, I’m sure you are hoping I did not log-in just to tell you how bad my pregnancy is.   I didn’t.   I came to give you a gift.  This wonderful recipe I’m about to share has been around for a long time.  You can find versions of it everywhere.  This however is my version and it (along with my amazing husband and darling kids-of course) is the reason I drag my whale-like body from the bed each morning.

Vanilla Cappuccino Mix

1 cup powdered creamer (I use plain or french vanilla)

1 cup Nestle Quik

1 4oz box Maxwell House International Cafe Beverage Mix (I use decaf. French Vanilla or the Swiss Mocha)

2/3 cup instant coffee (I use decaf.)

1/2 cup sugar

1 tsp. cinnamon

1/2 tsp. nutmeg

1 vanilla bean cut into pieces

Toss all ingredients together and store in an airtight container.    Use 3-4Tbs. per mug of hot water.   Feel free to add half n. half, if you, like me, love it uber creamy.

Note:  The vanilla bean is for flavor purposes only and should not be put in your mug.   Pieces can be used for 2-3 recipes (of mix) depending on how quickly you go through it.  Smell them to know if they still have flavor power.  Discard when smell is gone.

Enjoy your mornings (and evenings, and anytime you need a little sweet and creamy pick-me-up)!

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Favorite Things

Tomorrow morning my brother, his buddy and my adorable niece are showing up.  (My Sister-in-Law has to work one more week before she can join us).  They are going to measure and draw, build, and install our kitchen!  Quite suddenly I’m completely overwhelmed by this fact and am terrified, (not that my brother can’t do it, He CAN, I’ve seen his work, it’s amazing!)  but that my vision and idea’s will fall FLAT and when it’s all over I’ll hate it. Or even worse, I’ll love it but 5, 10, or 15 years from now when we move, everyone else who see’s it will hate it.  I’ve never designed a kitchen before, never even owned my own kitchen and here I am, having one custom made, just for me and this amazing house.  So yeah-stressin’ just a bit!

I was washing dishes tonight and grumbling and recognized my attitude was not one of thankfulness and trust, so I started praying for grace, and peace, and LOTS and LOTS of wisdom and then it hit me.  I needed to write a list of my favorite things.  So here it is, in no particular order…

  • My hubby, we’ve been married 7 years today-he is my very favorite person!
  • The landscaping around this house, all I have to do is maintain it!
  • My daughter’s bear snuggles, she runs up and squeezes really hard…it’s amazing.
  • Milo-fell in love with it when I lived in Papua New Guinea and drink it almost every morning now.
  • The smell of citrus, it’s so refreshing.
  • My bed-so comfortable, especially on clean sheet night.
  • Hearing my son say ‘Mama’.  Is there anything sweeter?
  • Watching my daughter be an angel in the Christmas Pageant.  Tonight was her 3rd year and except for some silly faces for the camera she did great!
  • Our trayed ceilings.  I’m a sucker for a tall ceiling.
  • The mocking bird who is nesting in the landscaping by our mailbox.  He/she sings to me all the time.
  • The rake my parents are letting us borrow-you think I’m joking but I”m SO not!  It’s clog free and makes cleaning up from 23! pines almost easy!
  • Christmas-truly, I really love Christmas!

Ok, I’m sure I could go on and on but I’ll stop.  I’m going to reread this list a lot this week and just enjoy all the wonderful things…even when I can’t find a pot to warm soup in for these wonderful guys who are building me a kitchen.

“This is My Kitchen” coming soon so stay posted!

Oh, and who doesn’t love a white dress with a blue sash? (didn’t read the post just LOVED the picture).

Off to my bed, tomorrow comes quickly!



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Moving Day

So I’m not much of a writer.  I love run-on sentences, comas, and exclamation points, but sometimes the voices thoughts in my head want to come rushing out so I’ve decided to join the millions of others and toss them into the blog spear.  Tomorrow we move into our first ‘own’ home.  Married for 7 years and we have always shared our walls with others.  I must admit I’m thrilled at the idea of all our walls being JUST ours!  This is our 8th move in 7 years!  Crazy huh?  Even crazier, we’ve been in this apt. for 3 years.  Let me tell you our first few years of marriage were busy.  So, our first real home and what did we do?  Decided that being DIY’ers was our dream come true and bought a house that upon fore-closer was stripped of it’s interior.  When I say stripped, I mean stripped, they took the cabinets from the kitchen (and appliances), the hot-water heater, the faucets, the vanity’s, the sinks, the mantel, the ceiling fixtures, they took the door off the back yard shed, and  even the security lights from outside.  We bought a shell.  But, it’s our shell and it has beautiful hardwood floors and more then double the square footage of what we are living in now!  It’s going to be great.   So, I’m going to tell you all about it.  When my kids voices are all I can hear and I can’t figure out if I should do aqua or apple green for the kitchen, I’m going to come on here and think out-loud for awhile.  Oh, and I’ll post pictures…because what fun is a DIY project without pictures?


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