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Shed Doors

on November 14, 2012

Hi all,

We are gearing up for baby around here with just 2 weeks (or so) left till the due date.   My kiddo’s seem very happy on the inside and have come late (10 and 8 days) so it easily could be another 3 or more weeks but I’m still trying to be ready.    So while I scrub bathtubs and wash itty bitty sleepers I thought I’d back up a bit and give you a glimpse of one of the projects we (and by that I mean my darling husband) got done early this summer-you know when I was laying in the bed gagging and trying to find a way for something other then the TV to raise my kids.

Enter-our beautiful shed.  (and by beautiful I mean, just look at all that storage!)

So one of the things that the previous owners took with them was the shed doors (and exterior lights).   Now we lived with it for quite a few months, only storing in the small side room -behind the brown door, and leaving only what we were willing to part with in the big section.   When my brother and Matt came to build the kitchen they also threw up some lights so that they could build late into the night.

With the arrival of spring and the desire for a garden and a yard that needs lots of ‘tending’ the tools (and toys) started to pile up.   The shed doors needed  to be installed before we went any further.  Enter Uncle Jerry.   Uncle Jerry lives in FL. and has several sheds/barns all filled with the tools/toys a boy/man could dream of.   Included is a working saw mill.   Oh, and did I mention Uncle Jerry lives on a pine farm?  One Sat. bright an early he pulled up with a trailer full of newly milled pine boards.  I didn’t get out there right away with the camera so by the time I did they were already hanging the doors.

They then attached a wood facade to the front so that it would match the rest of the shed.

We talked to lots of people about sliding shed doors vs. hinged doors and while the sliding doors seem to be everyone’s favorite we had several design issues we had to work around.   The electrical would have had to be moved, and to both sides of the doors there are other ‘things’ , the small storage area to the left and the lean-to to the right.  Both which would have been at least partially covered by a sliding door when open.   So we went for the big heavy duty hinges and so far love them.

I had yet to use our brand new nail guns so I got to ‘help’ -still not sure I was doing anything all that useful but I sure do love a good nail gun!

The men also put a inside lock inside the one side door so that you can open just one door at a time and also put the old fashioned swivel lock at the top of the other door so we can have it unlocked but the kids can’t get into it.

It was a fun morning project and the guys did a GREAT job.   Here they are-so proud of their work  (and between us-I can’t wait to paint the hinges so that the off-set top one isn’t so obvious!)  🙂

Speaking of painting, my dad primed the doors the next time he was in town and just last week I found some opps paint in brown to finish up the project.   A black shed with brown doors isn’t the long term plan but it works great for now and will keep those doors protected.

Happy Week-Till-Thanksgiving.   Some gift ideas coming soon!




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