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The List

on January 10, 2012

We have accomplished so much on this house that at times I can hardly remember what it looked like before.  It really does feel like a home now, messy bedrooms and all.   In order to start the new year off right however Hubby and I sat down to make a list of what remains on the house.   This is not the standard maintenance stuff (like cleaning up from 23! pine trees),  this is ‘if we had bought a move-in ready house all these things would have been done’  list.   Here it is, in no particular order…

  • Seal Sink
  • Pressure Wash Front of House (one of my brothers did the back and patio slab).
  • Weather Seal under the House
  • Barn/Shed Doors
  • Outdoor Plugs -replace
  • Finish Dishwasher (it needs a moisture barrier to protect those precious counter-tops).
  • Find or Build then Install Mantle
  • Sweep Roof
  • Paint Family Room
  • Finish Kitchen Paint
  • Master Bath Vanity (yep, we still don’t have a sink in our bathroom).
  • Replace Roof
  • Replace AC unit
  • Trim on outside of house
  • Fence backyard
  • Remove Trees (as many Pines as possible)
  • Build and Install hall door
  • Buy and Install Laundry Room Door
  • Paint Laundry room
  • Install Cabinets (hand-me-downs) in Laundry
  • Light Fixtures x8
  • Replace rotting window trim
  • Paint House
  • Tile Back-splash in Kitchen
  • Get Cabinet Doors

See it’s not much -haha.   Hang around there is going to be plenty more pictures to see.  By the way, after writing the list my dear Hubby promptly did the first two.  I love that man!

Until next time.


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