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Kitchen Part 2

So you should read Part 1 if you haven’t already because I’m going to just pick right back up where I left you.   My beautiful lowers were primed and installed and my walls were painted (at least in the spots that the cabinets were going).

Friday the guys were back at it.  Their goal was to get all the cabinetry installed before the rest of our family showed up for Christmas.  Before you could say boo, the uppers were sitting outside awaiting their priming.   We also decided to go ahead and paint the lowers as quickly as possible since I didn’t want to put stuff on them until they were actually ready for it.

There was a moment before the uppers went in and as we were painting the lowers that I looked at my sister and said, ‘does this look like a kids preschool?’   She hemmed and hawed and told me we needed to wait till the paint dried before we decided.  The next morning (after we agreed that we actually liked the green and grey) she told me that she really had thought -yep, looks like a kids room.  I’m so glad she choose to wait before telling me that.

The guys had the uppers in before we knew it.

The vent-a-hood took a full day of measuring and cutting every piece just right.  When it went in, I fell in love with it.   At one point we had talked about doing stainless appliances and the big stainless hood vent but we ended up doing white appliances.  I knew I wanted a stand-alone hood so this is what the guys came up with.

I’ll show you the coolest part of it in a second.

Here is the view of the other side of the fridge.

It was amazing to get to this point.  Every morning I’d walk into my kitchen amazed at the transformation.   While the guys were getting all this done the girls and I were trying to stay one step ahead on the painting.  You can see in the above picture that we had a few ceiling holes to patch as well as different paint colors to try.  The color I had chosen and had mixed turned out WAY too tan so I saved that for another room and went back to the drawing board.  The hardest part about the ‘low’ ceiling is that it continues into the family room so I needed something that worked with the greens in the kitchen and would also work with the family room (and I STILL am not completely decided on those colors).   We ended up with an off-white called sandstone.   I love it-the High Gloss Bright White trim looks sharp next to it but it is so clean and bright by itself that it really lighted the space. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The guys still had the pantry and the island to build.  I put in a request for the island to be next as I was VERY excited to get my sink in.  WooHoo an island! Complete with my dodo bird brothers (Love you boys)!

Here is the plumbing that was all alone in this room when we moved in, now surrounded by BEAUTIFUL cabinets!

And notice that Vent-a-hood?  Ready for my favorite part?

It’s a Spice Cabinet!!!!   This was one of those ‘custom’ things Matt is a master at and wow- I LOVE it!

I’ll be back soon with the Pantry, Broom Closet, Crown and Trim.

Until next time…

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The List

We have accomplished so much on this house that at times I can hardly remember what it looked like before.  It really does feel like a home now, messy bedrooms and all.   In order to start the new year off right however Hubby and I sat down to make a list of what remains on the house.   This is not the standard maintenance stuff (like cleaning up from 23! pine trees),  this is ‘if we had bought a move-in ready house all these things would have been done’  list.   Here it is, in no particular order…

  • Seal Sink
  • Pressure Wash Front of House (one of my brothers did the back and patio slab).
  • Weather Seal under the House
  • Barn/Shed Doors
  • Outdoor Plugs -replace
  • Finish Dishwasher (it needs a moisture barrier to protect those precious counter-tops).
  • Find or Build then Install Mantle
  • Sweep Roof
  • Paint Family Room
  • Finish Kitchen Paint
  • Master Bath Vanity (yep, we still don’t have a sink in our bathroom).
  • Replace Roof
  • Replace AC unit
  • Trim on outside of house
  • Fence backyard
  • Remove Trees (as many Pines as possible)
  • Build and Install hall door
  • Buy and Install Laundry Room Door
  • Paint Laundry room
  • Install Cabinets (hand-me-downs) in Laundry
  • Light Fixtures x8
  • Replace rotting window trim
  • Paint House
  • Tile Back-splash in Kitchen
  • Get Cabinet Doors

See it’s not much -haha.   Hang around there is going to be plenty more pictures to see.  By the way, after writing the list my dear Hubby promptly did the first two.  I love that man!

Until next time.

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Kitchen Part 1

So I should just warn you that given my children’s age, and the type of person I am, and the fact that we are attempting to do all this with cash only, there will probably be at least 50 ‘parts’ to the kitchen series.  We are taking it slow and steady now that the cabinets are up.

Here, however is part 1.

Remember this?  

The bare empty shell we moved into?

Then it became this  we had a fridge, a stove, a microwave.  Folding tables were counter/prep areas, and the sink was in the laundry room around the corner.  We live out of boxes and used the kitchen table for everything.  

It worked, but then these two showed up and everything changed.

  They measured and drew the first day, well, Matt did.  Phil and my hubby went to the big city to pick up the lumber.  Turns out the trailer wasn’t strong enough for all of it so they got all the poplar (strips for the frames) and some of the plywood (enough for the lower cabinets).   Plans were made for my brother-in-law to pick up the rest at the end of the week when he was up there with his truck on business.   My brother brought his little girl so the kids did a lot of this…

I realized that painting the kitchen would be easier without cabinets (probably should have done it before moving in). So with some wonderful help from my Sister-in-law who watched the kids for me I started on the walls.       We decided to be cheap and only paint what wouldn’t be covered by cabinets.  So it looked MUCH worse before it started to look better.   I questioned my color choices evey few seconds and when my sisters showed up to help they had to listen to mutter after mutter about my decisions.

Then suddenly I had cabinet lowers to paint!  Monday they were drawing and planning, and Wednesday they were sitting on my back slab needing priming…it was unbelievable.


  So we started priming, and yes, that is me in all my paint speckled glory.  I hadn’t really thought about the fact that my daughter would want to paint.  I decided she might enjoy the change more if she was part of it so I let her help.  She did a great job and since we were going to power wash the slab anyway I wasn’t too worried about spills.  We did two coats of primer because they were raw wood and I view primer and paint as the cabinets uniform -it protects and defends and in my kitchen with my cooking skills and my dirty kiddos-the stronger the defense the better!

Thursday night I had a girls night scheduled.   My hubby had to run back to the city to exchange on of our counters (becuase when we opened it, it was the wrong color).   I should point out that our ‘big city’ is 3 hours away so this was no quick trip.  Opening the box to a beech instead of birch counter was very stressful.   That is what happens when you don’t have IKEA in your own home town.  My sisters watched the kids so the guys could keep working, hubby could drive, and I could still have my girls night.  Looking back that was quite a gift and I probably should have just skipped it but oh, was it fun.   And the Thai Pizza from Mellow Mushroom is so Yummy! When I got home this is what greeted me.

The girls had cleaned up too so that it didn’t look like a construction site and having the lowers in made it feel oh so real!

Ok, Kitchen Part 2 soon…until then-Happy New Year!


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