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on December 2, 2011

So yesterday we had about 20 international students from the local college over for a Christmas/End of Semester bash.  They brought lots of yummy international food, Russian carrot cake anyone??, and carried Mitch around the ENTIRE time.  He loved it!   Now, if you are thinking about this at all you will realize that mere days ago I posted about the amount of work left and how boxes were still ruling our lives.  So how, you may ask, did we have 20 + people over?   Simple, I worked like a MAD woman to empty boxes, re-box storage items and stack boxes that can’t be unpacked yet in neat corners.

The living room has been our one ‘clean’ room since we moved in, and MJ helped me get the tree up so it looked pretty nice…and yes, we ran out of white beads to wrap around it and I can’t find more…still looking!

But do you see the boxes in the room behind her?  Every corner of the Dinning Rm. had them and since the Living Room and the Dining Room are the first thing you see when you walk in it had to be cleaned out!

Success!  This is what it looked like after our wild and crazy Wednesday.  When my hubby got home on Wednesday night he was forced to carry box after box out to the shed for storage.   (Our Shed/Barn will be another post-the fact that it’s missing doors means it also need some DIY work!)  All that work paid off tho, the Living Rm. looked very nice, the Dinning Rm. looked VERY empty, and the Kitchen, while still holding mostly boxes, was swept, mopped, and produced Coffee brilliantly.

Several of the students did wonder at our kitchen, in particular where to wash hands, no problem there, except the laundry room had not been cleaned for company.  I decided to just go with it and showed off the Utility Sink, dirty laundry and all.

Amazingly enough having been forced to get to this point has made the whole house thing so much nicer.  Last night after everyone left, I just sat and relaxed!  It felt great to know that we have done what we can for now!   Dec. 12 my brother arrives with his adorable daughter and amazing cabinet builder and we get to dig back in.   Until then, I’m going to enjoy this…oh, and get that guest room painted!

Until next time…


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