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New Home

on November 17, 2011

Well we are here!   There were so many times over the last few days that I wanted to sit down and share what was going on but…we had no internet.  I can’t begin to tell you the frustration we had regarding internet service, the trips elsewhere to ‘borrow’ internet, and the general frustration that I was living in a tomb, cut off from the world.  That has ended (Glory be!) and we are reconnecting to the living… anyone?  Oh, how much you’ve been missed!
So I need to take a bunch of pictures to truly explain how we are living but I thought first I’d upload a few of the house pre-move in.  Prove that there was indeed very little left …

This is our kitchen-notice the plumbing and electrical just waiting for some attention?

The Master Bath, beautiful tub, huge shower, LOTS of work.

And this is one of the reasons, we love this home.  It’s pretty -especially from the outside, I really do love it, work and all!

So, more photos soon, I have a great one of my son in the utility sink-his tub for the time being.  And a great story about a $15 shower curtain that nearly was the end of all of us.  Until next time…


One response to “New Home

  1. Oh wow – that´s really a shell, just like you wrote it! I would never believe that somebody would be able to take everything, really – everything with them when leaving this house. But you have showed – they can…
    And at the same time I truly believe (based on my own experience when I and my husband moved into our first rented apartment that we had to set up, which we did with only with lots of DIY) – YOU ARE ON A GREAT JOURNEY of many projects to accomplish together with your husband and family. I am sure that all in all it will be a journey of many new discoveries, quality time together and having a home that will radiate love and creativity in every detail that your hands and hearts touch.
    I already am curious to follow the progress of your new home creation! I hope you will be able to keep documenting it over here. Good luck and lots of fun to you! 🙂

    Laura from

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