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The Guest Room

Well after a week away from home we are thrilled to be back but overwhelmed all over again by the amount of work still to do.  My darling hubby did get the light put in in the tiny half bath (will post more about that once we solve the vanity issue) and the trim kit put on the tub in the guest bath.  He works so hard!   The kids and I spent 3 days last week with my folks and then once my hubby was off work we all headed to his parents house for Thanksgiving.  Some pictures of my kiddos begging my brother to ‘toss them’.


Nothing like NOT sleeping in your own bed for a week to help you prepare your own guest room.   Ours has this unbelievable Morocco vibe that is fun but I have hand-me-down rose sheets for the bed and use this room for crafts too so the mural has to go.


They also painted above the fan and added jewels.  I’m not looking forward to getting those off!

Today when we ran into Wal-Mart I checked their clearance paint section.  Found a full gallon of a soft cream color in Eggshell (no flat paint for us-my kids like dirt remember?!) 50% off!   As my whole family descends in a few weeks for Christmas and to install the kitchen my goal is to have the guest room an inviting place to rest.   I’ll keep you posted!

As promised, my son bathing in the Utility sink.  As of a week ago one tub is fully operational so the sink bathing is now a thing of the past!  Notice the dishes drying on the wash machine?  The Utility Sink is also my dishwasher!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have plans for an even more joyous Christmas!

Until next time!


New Home

Well we are here!   There were so many times over the last few days that I wanted to sit down and share what was going on but…we had no internet.  I can’t begin to tell you the frustration we had regarding internet service, the trips elsewhere to ‘borrow’ internet, and the general frustration that I was living in a tomb, cut off from the world.  That has ended (Glory be!) and we are reconnecting to the living… anyone?  Oh, how much you’ve been missed!
So I need to take a bunch of pictures to truly explain how we are living but I thought first I’d upload a few of the house pre-move in.  Prove that there was indeed very little left …

This is our kitchen-notice the plumbing and electrical just waiting for some attention?

The Master Bath, beautiful tub, huge shower, LOTS of work.

And this is one of the reasons, we love this home.  It’s pretty -especially from the outside, I really do love it, work and all!

So, more photos soon, I have a great one of my son in the utility sink-his tub for the time being.  And a great story about a $15 shower curtain that nearly was the end of all of us.  Until next time…

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Moving Day

So I’m not much of a writer.  I love run-on sentences, comas, and exclamation points, but sometimes the voices thoughts in my head want to come rushing out so I’ve decided to join the millions of others and toss them into the blog spear.  Tomorrow we move into our first ‘own’ home.  Married for 7 years and we have always shared our walls with others.  I must admit I’m thrilled at the idea of all our walls being JUST ours!  This is our 8th move in 7 years!  Crazy huh?  Even crazier, we’ve been in this apt. for 3 years.  Let me tell you our first few years of marriage were busy.  So, our first real home and what did we do?  Decided that being DIY’ers was our dream come true and bought a house that upon fore-closer was stripped of it’s interior.  When I say stripped, I mean stripped, they took the cabinets from the kitchen (and appliances), the hot-water heater, the faucets, the vanity’s, the sinks, the mantel, the ceiling fixtures, they took the door off the back yard shed, and  even the security lights from outside.  We bought a shell.  But, it’s our shell and it has beautiful hardwood floors and more then double the square footage of what we are living in now!  It’s going to be great.   So, I’m going to tell you all about it.  When my kids voices are all I can hear and I can’t figure out if I should do aqua or apple green for the kitchen, I’m going to come on here and think out-loud for awhile.  Oh, and I’ll post pictures…because what fun is a DIY project without pictures?


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